Introducing Lendr V2

Why deploy a new version?

Lendr V1 functioned as an excellent live test of our technology but we received a large amount of customer feedback requesting a number of changes and simplifications for the protocol.

Over time out team compiled these changes into a feature list (listed below) and ultimately decided to integrate them into our product before moving forward.

To learn more about the V2 changes and reasoning please reach our medium articles here:

V2 New Feature List

  • Redemption protection pool

  • Reward system simplification (single reward token)

  • Multi collateral support

  • New simplified V2 UI/UX

  • Dynamic collateralization ratio (~102%-110%) based on redemption protection pool

  • Liquid staked RWA tokens

  • Dynamic LNDR emissions distribution (DAO controlled)

  • Reduced issuance and redemption fee range (0.875%-5%) (adjustable, DAO controlled range)

  • Multichain token bridging (Layer Zero)

  • Dynamic bridging fees (DAO controlled)

  • Redemption circuit breaker

  • Walletconnect support

  • Time delay protocol controls

  • Staking security updates

  • Recovery mode security updates

  • Redemption bug fixes

  • LNDR time locked staking + LP requirements

  • RWA Trading fees (0.1%-0.5%, DAO controlled, sent to stakers)

  • Lendr Labs front end fee reduction (5%->1%)

  • Emergency/security fund (DAO controlled)

  • (TBD) Auto liquidity provisioning/LP staking requirements

  • (TBD) Redemption pool liquidity provisioning

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