🎁Lendr Reward Tokens

Note: Many changes are being made to the Lendr Network protocol based on community feedback. To learn more about the upcoming protocol changes please view this medium article: https://lendr.medium.com/community-feedback-based-protocol-redesign-16c1d93bb8cc

Lendr Network Reward Tokens

Lendr Network V2 uses Lendr (LNDR) while Lendr Network V1 uses LendrR (LNDRr)/

  • V1 - LendrUSRE (USRE) -> LendrR (LNDRr)

  • All future RWA tokens will use Lendr (LNDR)

Reward Token Functionalities

The lending functionalities of each of the reward tokens are the same, including staking and reward mechanisms.

As such, this documentation will use USDL and LNDR as the main examples but the functionalities apply to all of our flatcoins and their reward tokens.

πŸͺ™Lendr (LNDR) - V2

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