🌐Lendr Global Reward Pool

Note: The global reward pool will be removed in the new version of the Lendr Protocol. To learn more about the upcoming protocol changes please view this medium article: https://lendr.medium.com/community-feedback-based-protocol-redesign-16c1d93bb8cc

What is the "Lendr Global Reward Pool"?

The Lendr Global Reward Pool is a way for rewards from all Lendr stablecoins to be shared across all Lendr reward tokens. The Global Reward Pool allows all Lendr token holders to benefit from existing and future Lendr token launches across multiple blockchains!

How does the Lendr Global Reward Pool work?

A portion of each Lendr reward token's total supply is set aside and given to the Global Reward Pool. These tokens are staked to earn rewards for each of the Lendr stablecoins.

The rewards that accumulate in the Global Reward Pool are then distributed evenly to all Lendr reward token pools by airdropping rewards to stakers or by burning reward tokens!

This means that buying Lendr Reward tokens anywhere is like buying them everywhere!

100% of the Global Reward Pool staking rewards are used in this way!

Buy Lendr reward tokens on the network you like best, and benefit from Lendr being deployed on multiple blockchains. And the best part is that you do not need to do anything different with your tokens, just stake them as you normally would and receive rewards.

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